Production process

We are aiming to be as sustainable as possible whilst giving you high quality and long lasting apparel. Therefore every item you purchase from Greater Love is made to order to ensure there isn't waste. 

Fast fashion comes with the unfortunate side effect of 20% of all clothing ending up on landfills, with some items taking up to 40 years to decompose. This is not great on many levels. So we have made the conscious decision to not mass produce garments. 

Made to order

As it is made to order, there will be a slightly longer wait whilst it is printed / embroidered at an amazing independent embroidery business in the UK before then being dispatched to you. As they are an independent business like ourselves with sustainability at the heart of what they do, they don't have the infrastructure to mass produce items and therefore it takes more time for them to produce the clothing (as well as adding the little hand sown details).  

It is our aim to have your clothes shipped within 3 weeks of you placing the order but please bear with us if this takes a little longer. It is super exciting that we're able to provide you with quality, long lasting clothing whilst at the same time supporting other local businesses whilst ensuring we are sustainable as possible.